“Indie? Rock? Regardless of how you classify it, the music is simultaneously unsettling and beautiful.” – Will Not Fade Blog

…a band that’s sure to win over those who like their rock music atmospheric and extremely textured…. the amount of ambition on display, on top of just how much talent its individual members pump into every song, makes this release one of those special albums that you don’t see very often.”  Northwest Music Scene


Brooding atmospheres, hushed harmonies, haunting vocals.

This Seattle-based quintet adorns their rhythmic landscape with dynamic swells, loops, drones, and heartbreaking poetics that pull at the seams of their post-rock influences.

A Bitter Seed is their first release.


After the dissolution of Pablo Honeys (Seattle Weekly’s best cover band 2014), Rebecca Gutterman and Aileen Paron were itching to work together again. Rebecca had been crafting Rodan-inspired, math rock jams with guitarist Rian Turner and the three combined forces to cultivate their own brand of genre-bending rock. Once they found their rhythmic backbone with Thomas Edwards and Jen Fox, These People Here was born.

These People Here are:
Vocals/Lyrics/Keys: Aileen Paron
Guitar: Rebecca Gutterman
Guitar: Rian Turner
Drums: Thomas Edwards
Bass: Jen Fox